Slacking: Another fixit friday!

When I process pictures I always try to stay true to the picture. I try not to over photoshop things.  It’s been my experience that over photoshopped looks good on screen but really bad when printed.  So Rachel got a shot of her little gal that was underexposed. I’m still learning photoshop and trying to get Bill to teach me when he has time, so be gentle! This is just my second fixit-friday! Here is the original:

It not a bad picture, it just needs a little bit of love.  So, here’s what did, in a nutshell.

1. Bumped levels until the image was much brighter.  It almost looked good there.

2. I duplicated the layer, made it B&W and masked out the little gal.

3. I merged all layers then dropped the saturation a tad.

4. Merged all layers and duplicated the resulting layer.

5. I added a small gaussian blur then masked out everything but her face. I did this to make her skin a little softer.

6. Unsharp masked her eyes.

7. Resisted urge to add texture.

8. Cropped then burned outside edges of the picture to make our subject stand out!

9. Resize and unsharpen mask in photoshop. Saved! Walla! Not an award winner, but not bad eh?

I Heart Faces Fix-it Friday!

This is my first attempt at a fixit Friday!  To top things off, this is my first ever blog post.  I’m just getting started at this, so everyone is going to have to bear with me!


My Edit:

I did several things. First I fixed the fish-eye.  Sometimes I like the look and sometimes I don’t.   I actually liked it in this picture, but it looks like everyone else went with it, so I thought I would take the road less travelled:)  I dodged the person in the picture… adjusted curves a little and then made a saturation level to pop the leaves a little and then masked out the person.  What do you think?